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Pudong Chan Monastery




Propelled by great compassion to help more sentient beings understand and benefit from the quintessence of Buddhism, the founding abbot of Chung Tai Zen Monastery, Grand Master Wei Chueh, has committed to establish 108 Zen centers in Taiwan and 1080 worldwide to propagate the teachings of Buddha in every corner of the globe, and to inspire a way of life rooted in wisdom and compassion. As Chung Tai Zen Monastery’s first Zen center in Japan, Pudong Zen Monastery is situated in Osaka, the biggest metropolitan of Western Japan and the heart of the region’s economic and cultural zone. Established in July of 2009, with promoting Zen Buddhism as its guiding principle, the Monastery offers a sanctuary for Buddhism studies, meditation, raising awareness and purifying the mind, as well as spiritual cultivation to serve the community.



Pudong Zen Monastery is a spacious, elegant four-story building, clean and well lit. The Monastery facility consists of a grand Buddha hall, meditation hall, reception area, vegetarian dining hall, children’s rooms and conference rooms. With a capacity of nearly 100 people for meditation and lecture, the grand Buddha hall and meditation hall offer a truly tranquil environment for spiritual cultivations. The Monastery provides free Zen Buddhism classes in Chinese and Japanese and regularly conducts Buddhism ceremonies and group spiritual practices. It is our mission to plant the seeds of profound wisdom in the heart of every sentient being.



Upholding our founding principle and the teachings of Zen patriarch Rinzai, Abbot Jian Du Dharma Master and other Supporting Dharma Masters are dedicated to serving all sentient beings through the practice of the Bodhisattva way. Pudong Zen Monastery will continue to serve in the spirit of compassion and equality, engaging people from all walks of life , in the great anticipation that Zen Buddhism will flourish and benefit the people of Osaka, Japan.

Pudong Chan Monastery

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